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2016 jaguar small

2016 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Jaguar created a tasty mix of breathtaking styling and spine-tingling performance together with a sumptuous interior with its Jaguar F-Type coupe and … [More]

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New Vehicles

2016 corvette small

2016 Corvette convertible

We were impressed with the new-generation Chevrolet Corvette Stingray during our time behind the wheel last year. We simply couldn't remember a … [More]

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Chevy Trax small

2016 Chevrolet Trax

2016 Chevrolet Trax — Urban crossover runabout The subcompact Chevrolet Trax was a bit late to the game of the exploding crossover segment, delayed over concerns regarding … [Read More]

Yukon Denali small

2016 GMC Yukon XL Denali

More than two decades ago four of us decided to do the ultimate baseball tour attending 10 major league stadiums in 12 days. It involved a lot of driving, eating what seemed like a … [Read More]


2016 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

Like an old horse, Acura's flagship RL sedan was getting extremely long in the tooth when a new sedan — renamed the RLX — was introduced in 2014. The RLX is a modern, … [Read More]

Audi Q3 small

2016 Audi Q3

Subcompact crossovers are all the rage these days in luxury and non-luxury guise, small enough to toss around on the road yet big enough to haul four adults with a modicum of cargo … [Read More]

FRS small

2016 Scion FR-S

Scion has added a new sedan and hatchback for the 2016 model year in an effort to infuse new life into the struggling brand, but the best all-around and most interesting Scion in … [Read More]

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